The Ticket

Trips & Travel

Travel to some of my favorite places like Bali, Chicago, Canada and Ireland. Join me in discovering Jerusalem and enjoy my tips for saving money when you hit the hay.


One of the most photogenic places on the planet. Dancers, beaches and lots of green.


Between the pints: narrow lanes, wild coasts and shamrocks aplenty.


British Columbia and the Yukon have stunning scenery and a bunch of cute critters.

Ryan Slept Here

And here and here. See the good, the bad and the ugly: all the rooms I slept in during 2009 and ongoing since. Why do the Irish love red? Where did I find a moose? And why did a shipping container really suck?

Finding Hotel Deals

See above! I spend dozens and dozens of nights a year in hotels but I don’t want to spend much. Here’s how I save money on rooms.

New Pictures

Scenes from my latest adventures, including the Great Plains and St Petersburg & the Baltics.


Amidst sandy beaches, scenic vistas, smiling locals and other travel clichés, there’s always a few shots which break the mold. Here’s a few of my favorites (some even manage a PG-13 rating).

Way Stations to Hell

On good days airports are purgatory. On bad days you can feel the flames licking your sinful ass. Read my essay on my second homes.

Amtrak Adventure

Forty hours and 34 blog posts from America’s best passenger train. Click on the Empire Builder Blog category.

The Laughing Cock

This Sulawesi chicken is Phyllis Diller.

Elephant Crossing

A pack of pachyderms interrupt my drive in Sri Lanka.

Lost at Sea

I live-blogged my 40 farcical hours aboard a cruise on Facebook.



Pilgrims come for the original religious experience while I follow the route of Jesus.

East Timor

Roads that look like rivers, beaches without a soul and a people with incredible spirit.


The place where they can pronounce my name better than I can.

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Shots over the course of the year while I researched Walking Chicago.