Books I Like

A somewhat random but growing collection of favorite reads that have moved, amused and enthralled me at home and abroad.

Favorite Pics

A few of my favorite shots: some artistic, others everything but... From a polar bear caught mid-stroke to examples of why Manila has the best signage in the world.

Timeless Scenes

Who would have thought that a movie filled with cheap beer would age like fine wine? It gets better with every viewing; we all know what happens when Dougie and Greggie gain control of our government.

Another classic that never gets old. I saw it first in Ireland where a reviewer called it “an accurate portrayal of America.” He was right, plate of shrimp and all.


In the old days you never picked fights with people who buy their ink by the tanker-full. Today we all have our own billion pixels to say what we want.

Rants & Raves
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