Various places I’ve appeared talking about my work and travels. For the many media appearances for Walking Chicago, go here.

Open Windows or AC?

On long drives - like the 9000-mile land voyages needed to cover British Columbia and the Yukon, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Car Talk is always a yuck-filled start to the day. It was only natural I ask the guys which method of staying cool during the short Arctic summer is more efficient: driving with windows open or cranking the air-con. Listen to the segment.

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“extraordinarily knowledgable”

I’ll take it. Seth Kugel, travel columnist for The New York Times interviewed me about travel in the Caribbean. To read more, visit the link or download it.

Worms in the Marketplace Apple

I covered business for years as a journalist and that’s one reason why I’m a big fan of public radio’s daily business report. It’s wise, witty and always worthwhile. That’s why I was quick to call them out when I figured their high standards slipped on a story about Apple. Listen here as I read my letter on the air.

140 Characters for the Birds

I live tweeted a Canada research trip. Amidst record wildlife spotting, I knocked one off that should please copyeditors everywhere (and which caught the eye of travel website World Hum).


First bear sighting of the Canada trip today, a huge grizzly in BC! Traffic whizzes past on the Trans-Canada, he eats shoots & leaves.

Talking Sri Lanka with Rick Steves

I was in Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami as part of my work for Lonely Planet. I share with Rick the nearly unbearable stories of the survivors and how  Sri Lanka is determined to recover. I also tell travelers how they can visit this fascinating land. Listen to the full hour-long broadcast here.

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Ryan’s Canuck Gitmo

Ryan tells Canadian Customs that he’s on his way to the Yukon. His next stop: the room for smugglers and terrorists. Read more in this clip from the Whitehorse Star. Then enjoy the the response from the Yukon’s Minister of Tourism; she wasn’t happy.

Talking Bali

Among my scores of interviews are these:

  1. After a 14-year-old Australian boy was arrested for pot possession, I told The Australian about the dangers of drug stings and being an idiot.

  2. I told Australia’s NineMSN about Bali’s good, bad and ugly, plus they used my “shitty” quote.

  3. Legendary guidebook writer Bill Dalton (using the pen name Al Hickey), asked me about my job, Bali and more for the Bali Advertiser.