Baltic Beaches

Hamburg seethes with life. Start here, then escape the crowds at  windswept Baltic beaches and finish in Stralsund.

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Box of Chocolates

Glaciers, trains, Alps, cute little villages, hikes in pure mountain air, fondue, cow bells, Lucerne, cable cars et al.

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Pints, Cliffs & Song

I love the music of Clare, reveal Galway secrets and enjoy the best food in the southeast. Plus there are some pubs...

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Crisp Pilsner

I toured Germany from the home of smoked beer, Bamberg, to the home of beer gardens, Munich. Plus other stops.

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One Cool Hot Spot

New Edition

If you think you know Bali, you don’t. Seductive doesn’t suffice for a culture like nowhere else.

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A Lifetime of Islands

New Edition

Over 17,000 islands, give or take. One country is the ultimate trip: orangutans to the pleasures of Bali.

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Yukon Gold

More moose than people, that’s British Columbia, the Yukon, Manitoba and surprising Saskatchewan. Unrivaled beauty.

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1376 Pages of Joy

One of my fantasies: a year or two using this book to see all 40 countries inside, from Albania to Ukraine!

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Plainly Great

NYC? Yeah. CA? Yeah. Great Plains? A must! I find undiscovered gems, from the Badlands to superb BBQ.

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Past Faves

A Windy, Wet Kiss

Thirteen years of fun, frolic and friends underpin my first my first LP guidebook. Whether  loved  or loathed, I had a ball writing about it.

Research Was Killer

I wrote my first book with my good friend John McGrath. We reviewed for better and worse almost 400 Chicago bars - a vital public service.

Tales Of A Lost City

In the dog days of summer one year before Katrina, I prowled New Orleans fueled by po’ boys and Abita reveling in a place unlike any other.

Puzzles & Enigmas

Walking old quarters researching a Master and Margarita walking tour, I was just another visitor freezing my feet off in ever-mysterious Moscow.

Island Hopping

Catching fishing boats between the idyllic isles of the Grenadines was but one the region’s joys in the best guide to the region.

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Beaches & BBQ

I first covered Texas in 1997 for LP. Read about the changes on the Gulf Coast and the border plus penetrate the home of W.

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I was a guidebook junkie years before I started writing them. In fact my bags usually had a few more than my back considered healthy. I’ve authored more than 80 travel books, from north of the Arctic Circle, around the equator and south to Australia. These are current titles you can buy today plus some past favorites. Favorite fiction is here.

Escape to Bali

Paradise in your pocket! Everything you need to hit  the island’s best beaches, restaurants, clubs and culture.

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Dude! Check out...

I’ve got my own chapter in the bible – the Yellow Bible. Grab that backpack,   slip into sandals, party all night on a beach.

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Dikes & Bikes

New Edition

Europe’s coziest bars, windmills blowing in the breeze, cycling heaven and world-class art are here.

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SE Asia’s Hotspot

Peace means the beaches, temples, elephants and misty mountains are ready for ever-more visitors. Don’t delay a visit.

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© 2013 Ryan Ver Berkmoes

Island Surprises

Molokaʻi and Lanaʻi are undiscovered corners of these beautiful islands; I show you a Hawaii that’s seldom seen.

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Now available!

Walking Chicago, 31 Walks in the Windy City

For details and a free sample walk, go here. Order your copy here.

Shetland to Santorini

I once backpacked Europe for a year, now I’m lead author on the guidebook to 15 great countries. Life is good.

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